What is a Retractable Hose System?

A Chameleon Retractable Hose System, sometimes called a built-in vacuum or central vacuum, is the modern alternative to traditional, portable vacuum cleaners.

Consisting of:  

A Power Unit: 
Usually installed in the garage, under the house or in a store room. The power unit also serves as the collection point for dirt and debris vacuumed in the house.

Inlet valves: 
Strategically located throughout the home. When you vacuum your home, you simply pull the hose out until you hear an audible click, indicating that the hose is locked in place.

PVC pipework:
PVC pipework connects the ducted vacuum power unit and collection bag to the vacuum outlets in each room. You'll never have to worry about unsightly PVC piping as it's usually installed in the ceiling, walls or floor.

Retractable Hose & attachments:
The Retractable Hose is stored inside the PVC pipework and can range in length from 9 - 15 metres. Various attachments for different cleaning needs attach to the hose.