Installing a Chameleon

Yes you can, we supply complete DIY installation kits with all the parts required.

Yes we do! Our technicians are experts at designing and installing Chameleon retractable hose systems.  Visit our request a quote page to send your details and house plans (if available).
We'll get back to you asap with an obligation free quote.

Whilst it is not possible to convert a plug-in hose point to a Chameleon retractable hose, you can still enjoy the benefits of a Chameleon system by adding a new pipe run to your existing system. The Chameleon hose can be plugged in to your old vacuum points and also used and stored in the new one.

Chameleon doors are available in white, black and almond.

Yes, the Chameleon system is suitable for use with all ducted vacuum systems. We only use and recommend Aussie Vac and Element ducted vacuums which feature specially designed motors to ensure the best performance and longest service life.

Using a Chameleon

No! For quick cleanups, you just pull out the amount of hose needed. However, for whole-house cleaning and the strongest vacuum power, we recommend pulling the hose all the way out until it automatically locks into place.

The Chameleon uses a custom-made hose with specially designed ends to ensure perfect performance. Although the sizing is the same as a standard vacuum hose, only a Chameleon hose will work in this system.

Simply grasp the hose around 20 cm below the wall plate and rotate 90 degrees to release the automatic hose lock. Then partially cover the end of the hose with your hand to retract. Once retracted, the hose will dock into place and automaticall turn off your vacuum system.

The Chameleon was engineered to address several problems associated with other retractable hose systems. Most importantly, the hose automatically locks into place, using the hose end cuff and not the actual hose itself. This means the Chameleon doesn’t grab onto the hose and bunch the hose sock or stretch the hose like other retractable systems.

The Chameleon hose features a mini wand allowing direct connection of any cleaning attachment. This is ideal for quick cleans and vacuuming furniture and cars. For floor cleaning, simply attach the Chameleon handle to use the full range of wands and floor accessories.