Features & Benefits

With a hose that is specifically designed for a retractable system to reduce hose stretch, the Chameleon is extremely simple to use and operate.

Great for quick cleanups – just pull out the amount of hose needed.  For whole-house cleaning and the best vacuum performance, pull the hose all the way out until it automatically locks.

The hose handle has a 360° swivel hose cuff which prevent hose kinking and can be easily removed and replaced if needed.

The Chameleon has a patented Dual-Seal design – a Ball Seal and a Handle O-Ring Seal – which has been engineered to be leak free – no hissing. The Dual seal is created when the hose handle is stored, making the handle the seal. When stored, the ball seal holds the handle in place and prevents the hose from falling out

The patented hose end is automatically pin locked in place so it doesn’t fall or pull out by accident.  When the hose is locked, the O-ring on the hose end seals the system to ensure powerful vacuum performance.

The hose end is threaded and glued on (NOT friction fit or barbed fit), so it won’t fall off and lodge in the tubing.  An audible click lets you know when hose is locked in place. When in use, the pin housing and O-ring provide a consistent, positive seal in a controlled area.

The hose is designed specifically for the Chameleon Retractable Hose System and is available in 9, 12, or 15 metre lengths and with or without a hose sock.