Simple to Use and Operate

The Chameleon Retractable Hose System has solved two problems, carrying the hose & storing the hose.

  1. Simply pull the handle down and away from the valve, vacuum up the mess, then retract the hose. For whole-house cleaning, pull the hose out until you hear and feel the hose end “click” into its locked position. 
  2. Turn the system on using the on/off switch inside the valve and begin vacuuming. 
  3. With the vacuum on, unlock the hose end by grabbing the hose approximately 8-inches from the valve and twist the hose left (counter­clockwise) until it releases. Partially cover the handle end with hand to retract the hose.
    Once fully retracted, push the handle end onto the rubber ball and the system will automatically turn off. 

 All of this adds up to a much quicker and easier household chore.