Aussie Vac AV2600 Power Unit

Aussie Vac AV2600 Power Unit


The Aussie Vac AV2600 Power Unit utilises a high efficiency micro-lined paper filter bag. With a convenient 55 litre capacity, bags only need replacing two or three times a year and there are no messy filters to clean or replace.

Manufactured in Australia, you can install an Aussie Vac Power Unit for less than the cost of many portable vacuums which cannot deliver anywhere near the same level of cleaning power, indoor air quality and all round convenience.


Note: This Unit requires a 15amp GPO

Sound Level (decibel)                      82.3
Cleaning Power                                972
Power Consumption (kWh)              2.7
Motor - Domel x 2                            491.3.707
Fan (impeller size)                           145mm x 4
Max Motor Speed (RPM)                  26174
Max Sealed Vacuum (mm H2O)       2497
Max Air Flow (ltrs/sec)                     114
Max Power Input (watts)                  3000
Warranty                                           5 years
Drum Height                                     760mm
Drum Diameter                                 415mm


Included with all Aussie Vac Power Units:
1 x 3pkt Ducted Vacuum Bags
1 x Bag Adaptor
1 x Mounting Bracket
1 x Garage/Utility Point
1 x External Muffler
1 x User Manual

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